Weekly markets:

Monday:             Calossa d’en Sarria, Denia and La Nucia

Tuesday:             Altea and Jalon

Wednesday:     Benidorm, Benitachell, Teulada, Ondara and Polop.

Thursday:          Alicante (close to the bull arena), Gandia (port), Javea and Pego.

Friday:                 Alfa Del Pi, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos and Moraira

Saterday:           Calpe and Benissa

Flea market (rastro)

Tuesday:             Benissa

Wednesday:     Calpe (at the tennis)

Saterday:            Benidorm and Jalon

Sunday:               Benidorm and La Nucia

Excursions and sights:
The castle of Santa Barbara with the sculptures of the Capa collection. The castle’s opening hours are daily from 10 am to 6.30 pm. Open access. You can also reach the castle by elevator. At the foot of the castle begins the historic part of the city. Worth seeing is the old town hall, the San Nicolas church and the Gothic Santa Maria church. Strolling on the Explanada de Espana over the cheerful and colorful tiled floor. You can also take a boat trip to Isla de Tabarca. This island is a natural monument and lies 11 nautical miles from the coast of Alicante. On Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.15 am, costs 13.00 Euro.
Of course you can also go here for a cozy shopping afternoon where all major stores are present.

1. Russian church: You can view this church and is located on the coastal road at Altea Hills. This has been a gift from the Russians.
2. Old Altea: When you have entered Altea you will see on the right side of the hill the white houses that were built on the hill. Above you will find the church with its blue dome that rise above the city. From here you have a beautiful view. There are all small streets and shops, which makes a visit more than worthwhile. For culture lovers there are regular classical concerts in the center of Arts (Palau). Information 966881924. Tickets can be ordered at 902332211.
3. Altea beach: Here is a beautiful walkway with palm trees and many cozy restaurants and bars.

Discover the authentic Spanish charm in the historic center. Enjoy the bustle of the shopping streets or relax on a terrace or in a tapas bar. Coolness can be found in the parish church of San Jaime. It is around this church on the hill that Benidorm is built in the 18th century. Do not forget to take a look at Miramar with its beautiful view, in the center of the old town right next to the church. Every day and every hour you can take the boat to the island.

Gata De Gorgos
This village is known for its manual production of products with reeds, such as umbrellas and baskets. You can also find many shops here that have made it traditional. On the way from Calpe to Gata De Gorgos via the N332 you have beautiful views of the steep cliffs through the valley where the rocks are completely cut off for stones in construction.

A cozy and beautiful 18th century village on the coast without high-rise buildings. On the waterfront you can still see remnants of a medieval fort, as well as the picturesque fishing village is also very beautiful to walk along.

This is a nice village on the coast where you can enjoy the nice beaches and the beautiful view at the “cabo de la Nao”. In old Javea is also a nice covered market where you can buy fresh products. In the old town there is a real Spanish local market.

Literally translates: “The happy city”. Walk along the coastline over the boulevard where you can find the typical local houses with outer walls in many colors. Worth seeing are also the local chocolate factory and the old remnants of the city wall with its defense towers.

The most important natural park in Calpe is undoubtedly the Penon de Ifach (rock of Calpé). This rock of 332 meters high and 1 km of inland is protected nature reserve. You can climb this, is free of charge and takes about an hour and is quite heavy. Wear running shoes or walking shoes and bring along enough water. No slippers! In good weather you can even see Ibiza. On both sides of the rock are the 2 beaches of Calpe, Playa Arenal-Bol and Playa La Fossa (also called Playa Levante). These sandy beaches have excellent facilities such as children’s play equipment, showers, … The beaches are also awarded annually with a blue flag.
Most of the restaurants along playa la Fossa are popular with tourists for fish and rice dishes. There is also a car-free boulevard. On the other side of the rock is a beautiful marina, followed by a narrow and rocky beach called Playa Cantal Roig. The boulevard runs from here along Roman baths to the beautiful beach of Playa Arenal-Bol. Old-Calpe starts at the end of the boulevard. This is certainly worth a walk through with its historic buildings and squares. In the summer months there are stalls with handmade products in the old town. The salt lake Paraja Natural Las Salinas just inland from the beach Playa Levante dates back to Roman times and is an important location for many species of migratory birds, such as flamingos that you can find in multiple.

Cuevas de Canalobre
At exit 67 of the A7 begins one of the most beautiful routes that takes you to the village of Busot. You can go to the caves via the western side of the Sierra. Through a long staircase, cut out in the rocks, you reach the caves with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

With the “slow train” or the car to Denia?
You can visit the castle with its archaeological museum daily between 10.00 and 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00. Entrance 2.50 Euro per person.
You can also climb the “montgo” and enjoy breathtaking views from the top. From Denia you can also drive through the nature area towards Javea via many winding roads. If you want to shop, you can also visit the many shopping streets, as well as in the covered shopping center at the exit of the A7.

Fonts de l’Algar
A well-visited tourist wonder of nature. The natural waterfalls come from the mountains, where you can walk along and even can swim. Please note that this is mountain water and therefore quite cold. You have to pay for the entrance, as well as the parking must be paid. Small tip: The further you drive through the street, the less far you have to step, as well as paying parking fees become cheaper.

The mountain village of Guadelest is a tourist attraction and definitely worth a visit. It is built on a giant rock and seems cut from the stone with a chisel. The steep walls fall into the valley with the reservoir of Guadelest with its bright blue water. An unreal landscape.
In the narrow streets of the old town you will find medieval houses that give the impression of looking for protection under the rocks. It is strongly influenced by Arab domination and these influences can still be seen today. It is in a mountainous landscape and you fall from one surprise to the other of the beautiful views. The village was divided into two parts by an earthquake. The only access to the village is through a tunnel that is built to reunite the two village parts.
In the village you will find many shops where all kinds of handicrafts, ceramics, antiques and porcelain dolls are sold to tourists. There is also a beautiful Baroque church which was built between 1740 and 1753, the castle of L’Alcazaiba or San José, built in the 11th century by the Muslims, the king’s castle, a 12th century prison and a museum with torture tools. At the top of the village is the cemetery and from here you have a beautiful view of the lake of Guadelest. This lake is important, as it is the main source of water for Benidorm.
You can take the main road from Benidorm to Guadelest, but the most beautiful route is from Altea Vella (almost on the motorway ramp) to Calossa d’en Sarria (CV755) and thus via the road through the mountains. Here you have many beautiful views. Just past Calossa towards Guadelest, you will come across a motor museum and a shop with local products. Certainly also worth stopping for a while.

Terra natura:
An immense animal park where you can meet the animals from all over the world. The nearby aqua natura guarantees water fun with slides, wave pool and an extensive sunbathing area.

An animal park in Benidorm. Is not that big, but nice. Are especially smaller animals and is a must for small children up to 12 years. You can count that you have seen the park in 3 to 4 hours.

A beautiful and green park with many dinosaurs. Very nice trip for the children. Possible to combine with the waterfalls, since both are not so far apart.

A fun but expensive water theme park.

Terra mitica
This is an amusement park where you discover the secrets of the Mediterranean in exciting roller coasters, mysterious labyrinths and fun attractions. Interactive shows and performances ensure an unforgettable experience.

Sport and action:

In the small harbor of Les Basettes (course Calpé to Moraira) you can practice many water sports. Rental of catamarans, surfboards, kayaks, suppen, diving, diving trips, ….

You are perfectly situated between the 2 major golf clubs in the region. Golfclub de Ifach is located in Benissa, but in the other direction you also have the golf club Altea in Altea La Vella.

There are many beautiful walking routes along the coast (eg from Calpé via the port Les Basettes to La Fustera or the ascent of the rock, where you can see Ibiza in good weather in summer, or inland.

This area is the perfect location for the more trained cyclist. It is with a reason that most bike teams come here to train and stay in Calpe.
You can make beautiful bike rides with steep slopes, but also slightly flatter tours.
We have a fully equipped gym with multiple equipment such as a spinning bike, exercise bike and weights to use before or after your bike ride. Professional bicycles can be rented in cooperation with a local bicycle shop. Bicycles can be washed here and safely put away in a closed indoor area within the bed and breakfast.

In Benidorm and Moraira there are 2 big Karting circuits where you can have fun with children’s karts, regular karts, but also fast karts to feel like Louis Hamilton.

If you want to make a day trip with a quad, this is also possible. Nearby are beautiful dirt roads through the mountains with beautiful views.

4×4 jeep safari:
If one quad is too sporty and you would rather make a fun family day, a jeep safari might be something for you. Organized trips are done through the mountains, but you can also go out on your own and explore the region.